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QuadraLux TL Par 20

The new TL Series high performance par 20 LED retrofit bulb is the perfect replacement for halogen par 20’s. In the past, the smaller size of par 20 led retrofit bulbs has limited their ability to produce adequate light for most jewelry applications. The TL Series Par 20, with heat extracting fan technology, is powerful enough to light a showcase from a 10 foot ceiling. It also works well in tower cases and window displays.


QuadraLux TL Par 30

QuadraLux TL is a Par30 LED retrofit lamp that combines frictionless magnetic cooling fan technology (prolongs life span), high lumen output (maximizes intensity), and superior color quality (reflects true color). This lamp can be retrofitted into an existing track system, and is ideal for stores carrying diamond jewelry, color gemstones, precious metal (silver & gold, etc.), clothing, handbags, accessories, handcrafted items, furniture, etc.


EcoLux Par 30

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 11.52.36 AM

EcoLux is a compact, anti-glare, energy saving LED light source, can radiate emphasis light beam like halogen lamp or incandescent lamp dose, it is a ideal lighting solution for Exhibition, Jewelry, Clothing, Furniture etc. Particularly good at accent lighting and public lighting demands.



POPLUX is a Par30 COB LED retrofit lamp that combines frictionless cooling technology (prolongs life span), high lumen output (maximizes intensity), and superior color quality (reflects true color). This lamp can be retrofitted into an existing track system, and is ideal for stores carrying fashion clothing, handbags, accessories, handcrafted items and furniture, etc.


New SuperLux XL Par38

The all-new SuperLux XL Par38 is a compact, anti-glare LED lamp, can radiate emphasis light beam like halogen lamp or incandescent lamp does. SuperLux XL is a ideal lighting solution for jewelry and clothing.

    • 60 Watts
    • 5000 Lumens
    • Active Cooling technology. Reduce heat and increase power density
    • Color temperature: 6500K
    • Beam angle: 25/45


PowerLux TL Down Light



The Powerlux TL Series Downlight is an all in one solution to upgrading the recessed MR-16’s in the soffit above your jewelry cases. The Powerlux downlight produces a beautiful bright white light from the it’s high performance LED light engine. It contains a small heat extracting fan that enables maximum light performance without compromising longevity. It is available in the following color temperatures: 7500k, 4000k, and 3000k. The lenses can be changed to accommodate the spacing of your recessed lights and the distance from your soffit to your showcases.




  • True White
  • Natural White
  • Warm White

High quality LED MR16 12 Volt retrofit bulb is ideal for replacing 50 watt halogen bulbs in recessed cans over jewelry cases. Available in 6000k cool white, 4000k neutral white, and 3000k warm white. Manufactured by established semiconductor company with decades of experience!





  • Natural White
  • True White

High quality MR11 & 16 LED retrofit bulb manufactured by company in Taiwan with decades of experience in the semiconductor industry. Super bright 200 lumens of light. Available in cool white (6000k) and neutral white (4000k). Ideal for replacing MR11 halogen bulbs in window cases, tower cases, and museum-style cases



LED Chandelier Bulb – E12 Base

Now your chandelier bulbs can match the color of the lighting over your jewelry cases. 3 Watts / 220 Lumens. Available in:

  • 6000K Cool White
  • 4000K Neutral White
  • 3000K Warm White



Spectra-LUX LED

The new Spectra-Lux is the latest in LED lighting technology. The new Spectra-Lux stands out from other LED bulbs because of its extraordinary ability to accurately render colors. If you want the subtle hues of your store’s interior, as well as your jewelry, to look the way they were meant to look, then this is the bulb for you. The lighting industry uses a photometric know as CRI (color rendering index) to measure a light source’s ability to accurately render colors. Most LED bulbs in the market today score between 60 to 80 on the CRI scale. The new Spectra-Lux bulb scores an amazing 98 CRI! Available in different color temperatures and beam angles. Comes in Par 38 and Par 30.


Luminere/Complete Light Fixture

Turbolux Series – Single/Double Head


Turbolux lights come in 6000k cool white, available beam angles: 20 degree spot, 25 degree narrow flood, 30 degree flood, 35 degree wide flood. Turbolux is an architectural grade fixture designed to fit standard halo track. Turbolux is 30 watts and 2100 lumens – all beam spreads.


OPTILUX Downlight


The new OptiLux Lumenaire light by Eastern Lighting, Inc. represents the vanguard of jewelry display lighting. High end jewelry retailers demand high levels of light on their merchandise, along with accurate rendition of colors for their jewelry and store interior. Housed inside the architecturally attractive square or rectangular frame, the single or dual light engines can be adjusted independently to maximize coverage on the jewelry showcases.


Showcase Lighting

DLX High CRI Showcase Lighting

Thinner. Brighter. Economical.

The new True Color DLX showcase lighting system with high CRI technology is finally here! The True Color DLX can produce a more full spectrum light that shows colors the way they are supposed to look. The typical cool white LED emits no light in the red spectrum and scores in between 70 and 80 on the color rendering index (CRI). This makes reds, greens, yellows and browns seem unnatural and washed out. True Color DLX, with a CRI score of 95, gives fine diamond jewelry all the shine and brilliance of cool white LED, without the color wash out effect.


TLX LED Showcase Lighting

Brighten up your jewelry showcases with the TLX showcase lighting. TLX produces an exceptionally bright light from a sleek and narrow half inch wide LED fixture. The tight array of super bright LEDs ensures an even distribution of light while minimizing shadows around your display. Available in a variety of color temperatures to suit various products and esthetic tastes. The lengths can be easily customized to be used in any application, from standard jewelry showcases to wall cases and window displays.


DLX Square Photography Lighting Cube

The DLX Table Display Square produces a brilliant cool white full spectrum light that brings out the fine detail and subtle hues of designer jewelry. Since the light falls on the display from four sides, virtually all shadows are eliminated leaving a well lit display that enables the viewer to see the beauty of your merchandise without eye strain. The four sided open design allows the customer to interact with your jewelry display. The lightweight and portable design allows for quick and easy assembly.




Halo Compatible Track (White & Black)

  • 2′ Feet Track
  • 4′ Feet Track
  • 8′ Feet Track


MP559 Track Fixture (White & Black)

The lamp holder are available in Halo, Juno and Lightolier compatibility. (See the track compatibility chart)


Track Accessories

Live End Connector with power cord (Up to 15 ft.)

Live End Connector

Track Connector (Up to 2 ft.)

Track Connector – Extra long (Up to 5 ft.)


I-Connector – Black

Flex L Connector (White & Black)

CTL 601 Lamp Holder (Black)

CTL 602 Lamp Holder