• Jewelry Store Lighting

    Do Your Diamonds Sparkle?

    We specialize in Lighting Solutions for Retail Jewelry Stores.

    Over 25 years in the lighting solutions business, Servicing and Designing custom light solutions for retail jewelry stores including showcase lighting and overhead lighting.

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  • Jewelry Store Lighting

    Are you using the CORRECT light in your jewelry cases?

    Showcase your jewelry and collectibles with the CORRECT light.

    With the CORRECT light and lighting fixtures, showcasing your retail jewelry store’s products is easy. Through expert consultation, we will design custom lighting solutions to help your jewelry and other products shine.

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  • Jewelry Store Lighting

    How Dazzling is your display?

    Maximize Retail Sales with PROPER lighting.

    Showcase Lighting and Overhead lighting helps maximize retail sales of all types. With our unique technology, we can light your retail displays and trade show cases, enhancing true and custom color for indoor viewing.

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  • Jewelry Exhibit

    Portable Lighting Solutions for Jewelry Trade Shows & Exhibits

    Totalite - Perfect and Portable Lighting Solutions for Tradeshows

    Our TOTALITE products offer perfect, easy to install and portable lighting solutions for exhibit booths, gem and jewelry shows, trade shows and more. With telescoping posts as well as clamps, we can help you light whatever, wherever.

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  • Totalite

    Need a Lighting Solution for Tradeshows?

    Totalite - Made specifically for tradeshow & exhibit booths.

    Portable lights perfect for events, markets and booth lighting. The best tradeshow lights available for those selling jewelry, fine jewels, gems and more! Sold EXCLUSIVELY by Eastern Lighting.

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The Lighting Doctor

Does your retail jewelry store or trade show booth need a LIGHTING check up?

Schedule a Consultation with The Lighting Doctor

See the world in a better light. Let our experts design custom lighting solutions for your retail jewelry store or trade show booths. Utilizing the latest High CRI (Color Rendering Index) technology, we are able to provide true and natural color with our lighting products and fixtures. Enhancing and emphasizing true and custom colors for indoor viewing of jewelry, precious metals, gems and more is our passion. Call for a check up today.

Lighting Consultation Appointment

Retail Jewelry Stores


Lighting that will make your diamonds sparkle.

Eastern Lighting has been serving the retail jewelry community since 1994. Our consultants frequently visit retail jewelry stores to better understand our clients’ needs while customizing countless installation projects, and offering cutting-edge solutions to make jewelry, precious stones, collectibles, and more – SHINE. SPARKLE. STAND OUT!

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Totalite | Trade Show Lighting

The Totalite delivering 700w of light using only 150w of power. Perfect for events, markets and booth lighting. The best tradeshow lights available for those selling jewelry, beads, clothing and general merchandise. Available in a variety of color temperatures. Sold Exclusively by Eastern Lighting.

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Upcoming Events

Atlanta Jewelry Show

Cobb Galleria Centre
March 4th – March 6th, 2017

Booth #122

ASD Market Week

Las Vegas Convention Center
March 19th – March 22th, 2017

Booth #N2635

JCK Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
June 5th – June 8th, 2017

Booth #B68068

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